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Here pages of current clients that CVB Web Creations has created pages for.

Rhapsody Fantasia Jewelry Overseas Precision Castings Safe E Gift
(Work in progress)

Rhapsody Fantasia


RhapsodyFantasia.com is a custom jewelry & adornments website. The site is written in PHP and is data base driven with a MySQL data base. All the pages are dynamically created based on the entries in the data base for each category of jewelry. It also features integration with PayPal Electronic payment system. It also implements JavaScript and CSS Stylesheets. The system runs on Debian Linux with Apache Web Server.

Overseas Precision Castings


OPCastings.com is a commercial website. The site is written in HTML with JavaScript and CCS Stylesheets. Some of the pages were converted to HMTL from MS Word at the customer's request / design specifications. The system runs on Windows Server 2003 and IIS Web Server.

Safe E Gift

Development in Progress Web Site

SafeEGift.com is a shopping related site that is under construction. It will be written in PHP with XHTML, JavaScript, CSS Stylesheets and be data base driven with MySQL. It will have a secure user logon. It will implement a shopping cart and integration with electronic web based payment systems such as PayPal.