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We setup all hosting through hosting company Dream Host as we have used them for our own web site and found them to be extremely reliable.   We can arrange hosting with them for you at their costs with no mark-up.   If you prefer, you can arrange hosting through them or someone else of your own choosing.   We are able to work with other hosting firms as well.

What's Included

All this for as low as $5.95 per month!*

Core Resources
Disk Storage at signup UNLIMITED+50GB
Monthly Bandwidth at signup UNLIMITED
MySQL 5 Databases Unlimited
Operating System Debian Linux
User Accounts
E-Mail Accounts (POP/IMAP) Unlimited
Full Shell / FTP Users Unlimited
Web-Based Email Access YES
Procmail Mail Filtering YES
Spam Filtering - SpamAssassin YES
Use Google Gmail @yourdomain.com YES
Email Addresses (Aliases) Unlimited
Announcement Lists Unlimited
Discussion Lists Unlimited
Vacation Auto-Responders Unlimited
Free Domain Registration (A $9.95 Value!) YES
Free Domain WHOIS Privacy YES
Domains Hosted Unlimited
Subdomains Hosted Unlimited
Domains Forwarded/Mirrored Unlimited
Custom DNS YES
PHP5 Support YES
Perl Support YES
Python Support YES
Full Unix Shell YES
Crontab Access YES
Full CGI Access YES
Ruby On Rails YES
Canned CGI Scripts YES
Server Side Includes (SSI) YES
CVS Repository YES
Subversion Repository (SVN) YES
Advanced Features
SSL Secure Server (req. Unique IP) YES
Enhanced Web Security YES
Snapshot Data Backup YES
Daily Access Statistics YES
Access to raw log files YES
Banner-Free DreamBook.com account YES
Passworded Directories (.htaccess) YES
RealAudio and Video (http stream) YES
QuickTime Streaming YES
Anonymous FTP Server (req. unique IP) YES
Jabber TM Chat Server YES
One-Click Automatic Software Installers:
WordPress, Gallery, ZenCart, PhpGedView, Pligg, dotProject, Moodle, Joomla, phpBB, MediaWiki, WebCalendar, Advanced Poll
Technical Support
24 hour Technical Support (E-Mail) YES
97-day money-back guarantee YES
Web-Based Account Control Panel YES
The DreamHost Wiki YES
The DreamHost Forum YES
Account Upgrades
Additional Domain Registration $9.95 / year
Unique IP Address $3.95 / month
Premium Phone Support (3 callbacks/mo) $9.95 / month
VPN Access $19.95 / month
SSL Secure Certificate (req. Unique IP) $99.95 / year
Bring Your Own!

How much?

* $5.95 paid 10 years in advance. $10.95/mo monthly, $9.95/mo for 1 year, $8.95/mo for 2 years, $7.95/mo for 3 years, $6.95/mo for 5 years. $49.95 set up fee if you pay monthly